Monday, July 15, 2024

Aussies embrace click and collect

The majority of surveyed Australian consumers (70%) are opting for click and collect when shopping online, according to recent research from ShopFully.

The data from the international tech company also reveals that 78% of respondents will often take the opportunity to buy other products when going to the store to collect their original online purchase, with 24% doing so systematically and 54% doing so occasionally.

“Since the inception of click and collect, it’s been a powerful tool for retailers, as it incentivises customers to visit a business location in-person, providing the optimal opportunity for a second purchase to be made. Its ability to generate additional in-store revenue has made it extremely advantageous for physical stores,” says ShopFully Country Manager for Australia Brendan Straw.

“Click and collect has offered shoppers the best of both worlds, providing both convenience and time efficiency. However, it’s retailers who are reaping the most reward, as it allows businesses to capitalise on their digital channels to drive in-store footfall and increased sales.”

While Australia is a digitally progressive population, says ShopFully, the attachment to physical stores and in-person shopping still remains strong.

In fact, the data reveals the majority of surveyed Australians (90%) prefer to shop in-store, with the enjoyment of the shopping experience the second highest motivator (34%). This is in contrast to the small portion of respondents (10%) who say they have an exclusive preference to online shopping.

When shoppers are choosing online channels, 66% of respondents agree doing so because of convenience, and having the ability to shop wherever and whenever they want.

All in all, according to ShopFully, one can suggest the popularity of click and collect is indicated by how well it caters to the Australian customer’s shopping preferences.

“The fusion of digital and physical shopping, and the birth of click and collect, has brought consumers this perfect blend of online ease and in-store excitement,” says Mr Straw.

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