Monday, July 22, 2024

Cadbury unveils latest Caramilk Breakaway

Cadbury is set to launch Cadbury Caramilk Breakaway next month.

According to Cadbury, Cadbury Caramilk has fast become one of the brand’s most sought-after blocks.

“Famous for its unique, delicious golden blend of caramelised white chocolate and its smooth, creamy texture, it only made sense to combine the mouth-watering fan favourite with the light and crispy wafer of Breakaway,” says Cadbury.

Each “chunky” piece combines the caramelised white chocolate with layers of wafer and choc creme, creating a “perfectly balanced chocolatey wafer experience”.

“We know how eager Caramilk lovers have been for a new Cadbury Caramilk experience,” says Cadbury Vice President of Marketing Paul Chatfield.

“We’re excited to bring the popular Caramilk flavour to the much-loved light and crispy wafer of Cadbury Breakway, creating the delicious chocolate wafer combination – Cadbury Caramilk Breakaway.”

Following a run in selected supermarkets in early April, Cadbury Caramilk Breakaway 180g (RRP $5) will be available nationally from 20 April.

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