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Cobram Estate’s new extra virgin olive oil subscriptions

Australia’s extra virgin olive oil brand Cobram Estate is set to deliver its finest products direct to kitchens right across Australia with its new subscription offer. Consumers can build a bundle from the range of Cobram Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oils, choose the frequency and have it arrive at their door.

The first order comes with a reusable ceramic bottle and three pouches of extra virgin olive oil of the customer’s choice. There’s no need to lug home heavy tins or bottles, it’s more cost-effective than buying extra virgin olive oil from the supermarket, and the empty pouches can be put into a return envelope and returned for recycling.

Cobram Estate co-CEO and chief olive oil maker Leandro Ravetti says the pouches are then processed and repurposed by Replas, one of Australia’s leading manufacturers of recycled plastics, into sustainable products for the construction and other industries.

“For many years, we’ve been searching for ways to lower our carbon footprint,” says Mr Ravetti.

“There are many ways we’ve done that on the farms and in our olive mills. Only about 0.1% of what we use in our operations goes into landfill, with leaves being mulched and even olive pit being used to heat our boilers or to generate renewable electricity.

“Transport and packaging have always been difficult, but these pouches lower the carbon footprint considerably. They’re lighter, more compact and can be recycled into Australian-made materials that offer a responsible, sustainable alternative to traditional timber, concrete and virgin plastics,” he said.

“Apart from offering Australian consumers a more sustainable way to purchase their favourite extra virgin olive oil, it benefits them in other ways.” Three 600mL pouches of extra virgin olive oil from the Everyday Essentials or Ultra-Premium ranges arrive every two, four or six months. Each one is filled with fresh, new season extra virgin olive oil to order.

Included with the first order is a stylish black ceramic pouring bottle that looks equally at home on the table as in the pantry.

“With your order, Cobram Estate will supply a free return envelope for empty pouches to be returned for repurposing.”

For more information on the Cobram Estate subscriptions, visit

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