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Happi days – new laundry liquid aims to cut plastic waste

Happi Earth certified organic laundry liquid uses paper pouches and a refillable bottle to cut plastic waste, says the manufacturer.

Customers buy the liquid in 99-per-cent paper pouches and use them to refill a stainless-steel bottle. This system, claims the enterprise, “eliminates 13 plastic laundry bottles from our environment per household, every year” with every purchase.

‘Unnecessary harm’

The enterprise is also critical of mainstream laundry liquids, claiming most are 90 per cent water.

“Companies have been manufacturing and shipping thousands of large plastic laundry bottles around the world,” Happi Earth said. “This causes unnecessary harm to our environment, all for the sake of perception marketing.

“Bigger bottles give the buyer the perception that they are receiving more value for money. In actual fact, it turns out, we’re just paying for more water.”

‘Powerful’ natural ingredients

Happi Earth’s own formula, it claims, is 100-per-cent concentrate and contains “powerful” natural ingredients. This means that just one of its one-litre refill pouches last for 400 washes.

“You can now get an entire year’s supply of laundry liquid in the one purchase,” the enterprise says. “And help put an end to unnecessary plastic pollution that is causing devastating effects to our oceans and land.”

It says its liquid outperformed “most common big-name laundry brands” by 61 per cent across eight independent tests.

It also says it can cut laundry liquid costs by up to 60 per cent per household, every year.

Tree of life

As a part of what it describes as its “movement”, the enterprise says it has taken ownership of a mangrove forest in Myanmar. There, it says, it plans to plant more than one billion mangrove trees for the sake of the environment.

And with every purchase, it promises to plant a new mangrove tree on the customer’s behalf.

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