Friday, July 26, 2024

Mayver’s raises the bar

Australian-made and family-owned peanut butter brand Mayver’s, is launching a range of Wholefood Bars, answering the call from hungry Aussies looking to fulfill their cravings for natural nutty nutrient dense goodness on the go.

Available in three “delicious” flavours, Peanut Butter, Peanut Butter & Berry and Peanut Butter & Super Cacao, each of the bars are said to be “packed with nutrition you can see” and are combined using Mayver’s most popular Peanut Butters: Crunchy and Smunchy.

Mayver’s owner Paul Raff says that the Wholefood Bars provide a simple solution for those looking to fill their peanut butter fix while on the go.

“Our range of peanut butters and nut spreads are enjoyed in so many different ways, but carrying around a jar of Mavyer’s everywhere you go isn’t always that practical – no matter how much you might love it,” he says.

“This naturally led to the development of our Wholefood Bars, and in keeping to our nothing but goodness principles, it had to be nutrient dense and with clean, understandable ingredients.”

Alongside a list of clean ingredients, each of Mayver’s new Wholefood Bars contains 8.5g of sugar or less and they’re packed full of healthy oils from the peanuts, cashews, almonds and even brazil nuts, depending on what bar you choose.

The Wholefood Bars are said to be “completely free from nasties and cane sugar”, contributing to the bars’ impressive four-star health rating.

“It’s been over a year in the making and after numerous taste tests with the family and wider team, we think we’ve created a convenient, delicious and nutritious solution for whenever you need a boost of goodness,” says Mr Raff.

Mayver’s Wholefood Bars are exclusive to Woolworths, where they retail for $7 each.

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