Friday, July 26, 2024

ROARSOMES vegan dinosaur-shaped nuggets

Leading meat-free company[1] Quorn has launched ROARSOMES, Australia’s “first” vegan dinosaur-shaped nuggets.

Targeted at those looking to reduce their meat consumption (without compromising on taste), the crunchy breadcrumb-coated nuggets are now available in the frozen vegetarian section of supermarkets across the country.

The ROARSOMES vegan dino-nuggets are made with Quorn’s signature mycoprotein which is a nutritionally healthy source of protein, high in fibre and low in saturated fat, ideal for Australians conscious about their health and the planet.

Producing mycoprotein uses less land and water than animal protein production, so it’s better for the planet too[2].

Quorn Senior Brand Manager Aggie Vlotman says eating less meat is becoming more important now more than ever for our health and our planet with the real danger of climate change and need to create a better future for generations to come.

“Meat free is no longer a trend. It’s a lifestyle many consumers choose, to do their bit towards eating better for their health and protecting the environment. What’s exciting is that the younger generation are playing a big role driving sustainability as the focal point of their food choices and in their quest to push change for the good of our planet.

“Quorn ROARSOMES offer a tasty, healthy, and fun way to engage kids at mealtimes, encouraging early and delicious transition into meat free meals which they can carry through as they grow older and learn more about sustainable eating.”

Quorn ROARSOMES (RRP $7) will be available from August 1 in the freezer vegetarian section at Coles, Woolworths and independent grocers.

[1] Nielsen Scan Data Frozen Vegetarian Australian Total Grocery MAT to 31/05/2022


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