Friday, July 26, 2024

Sales Crew | SQDAthletica | Pac Fair

Sales Crew | SQDAthletica | Pac Fair

Lowdown. We need to keep moving forward. Life. Ideas. Ourselves. Finding purpose and some balance. Being restless and curious, confident and calm. Getting ‘Fit for Life’. It’s radical what can be achieved and found – most importantly, you’ll probably find ‘you’. That healthier ‘you’ can lead to all kinds of positive progression. Simple things. Feeling better. Finding your style. Changing stuff. Saying ‘Yes’.

SQD Athletica is all for Men achieving better balance by sharing real world stories, creating considered apparel, contemporary retail experiences and curating complimentary products that we believe will go some of the way to inspiring and achieving that better ‘you’.

Sure, ‘Sales Consultant’ is the name on the badge (we don’t wear badges) but we see the crew as brand builders. They get the whole deal and have the life experience to back it. Thinkers. Makers. Doers is probably closer to the skill set that’s required on top of being highly consultative in meeting and exceeding the customer’ expectations through killer product, positive in-store vibe, impeccable customer service and smart systems. It’s a gig that’s aimed for the energetic, but know when to take it easy.

It’s a ‘Balance’ thing.        

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