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Active International Acquires Media Talent

Media Release 12 February, 2020 Active International, Australia’s largest independent corporate trade and financial solution business, is excited to announce the appointment of Hadley Allchurch as Media Director, Active International Australia. Hadley joins the Active team armed with over nineteen years in media across various executive roles at Radar, Joy and most recently …

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Active International acquires Paykel

Active International has acquired Paykel, an independent media agency operating in Sydney and Melbourne, the companies have announced. Headquartered in the US, Active International describes itself as “Australia’s largest independent corporate trade and financial solution business”. It claims to be the first company to deliver corporate trading services in Australia, …

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Paving the way for the future of retail

Active International Australia explains how to safe-proof your inventory management. Managing stock is fraught with challenges in today’s retail landscape. While surplus stock ties up capital and can keep you from reinvesting in your business, waiting times on products will deter the modern customer who ‘wants it right now’. Experts insist …

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