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AACS hits back at tobacco tax increase

Tobacco in Australia has been hit with its seventh consecutive annual tax hike. According to the Australasian Association of Convenience Stores (AACS), the 12.5 per cent tax increase reinforces Australia’s position as one of the world’s most expensive markets to buy legal tobacco. It’s no surprise, then, that Australia is …

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Australians want e-cigarettes legalised

Sixty-one per cent of Australians support the government regulating to make e-cigarettes, personal vaporisers and other less harmful alternatives to smoking available alongside cigarettes in retail, according to a new poll on behalf of the Australian Retailers Association (ARA) by Crosby | Textor Group. The poll found two-thirds of smokers …

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Health Minister’s ban on e-cigarettes faces mounting opposition

The crossbench has put the Turnbull government on notice, stating no bills for which Health Minister Greg Hunt is responsible will pass through the Senate until he reverses the ban on nicotine e-cigarettes. A recently released report by the House of Representatives’ Standing Committee on Health, Aged Care and Sport …

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E-cigarettes lose their spark as smoking cessation aids

New research from Mintel has revealed that the number of UK smokers using e-cigarettes to quit smoking is declining. Over the past two years, the proportion of smokers or former smokers using e-cigarettes to kick the smoking habit in the UK has dropped from 69 per cent in 2014 to …

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Investing in cigarette alternatives


Philip Morris International (PMI) has committed to developing a viable reduced-risk alternative to the combustible cigarette – a project in which it has already invested US$2 billion ($2.69 billion).  Speaking to the BBC following the launch in Britain of iQOS – a smokeless cigarette described as a hybrid between analogue …

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Legalisation of e-cig nicotine considered

The Therapeutic Goods Administration is seeking comments from interested parties on a proposal to exempt nicotine from the Schedule 7 dangerous poisons list, at concentrations of 3.6 per cent or less of nicotine for self administration with an e-cigarette or personal vaporiser. Scheduling is a national classification system that controls …

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