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Coles trucks distribute food to those in need

Coles feeds hungry

Coles has proactively stepped in to help distribute food an increasing amount of Australians struggle to feed themselves. Its Coles Nurture Fund has served a $500,000 grant to fund four new refrigerated trucks for food charity SecondBite to enable it to deliver meals to those in need. The trucks are …

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Coles’ appeal for SecondBite

Australians can join the fight against hunger this winter by supporting Coles’ national appeal for food rescue organisation, SecondBite. Over the next four weeks, Coles will launch a national fundraising appeal – $2 fundraising cards – to raise funds for SecondBite’s ongoing operating expenses: fuel, transport and refrigeration. Coles and …

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Coles – you are beautiful, no matter what they say

Coles is cutting down on food waste by selling “unattractive” fruit and vegetables under a new banner, ‘I’m Perfect’. The supermarket calls the produce “flawed but adored”. Coles General Manager of Produce Brad Gorman says it’s one way Coles is working with suppliers to reduce food waste. “Our customers know …

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Coles donates truckload of fresh produce to SecondBite in WA

Coles has donated an entire truckload of fresh produce to SecondBite in Western Australia after flooding prevented the load being delivered to the Broome and Kununurra stores. The donation included 300kg of bananas, 240 punnets of strawberries, 85kg of truss tomatoes, 80kg of nectarines and 90 iceberg lettuces. Other produce …

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