Friday, July 26, 2024

Wholesome Bowl nutritionally enriched meals

Wholesome Bowl has released an innovative range of instant noodles, redefining the way people perceive and enjoy these convenient meal options.

“The game-changing concept brings a fresh perspective to the instant noodle market, breaking away from its traditionally unhealthy reputation, and introducing nutritious alternatives that cater to busy lifestyles on a budget,” according to the brand. By offering more than just “free from” options, Wholesome Bowl’s flagship range, featuring Cheerful Chicken Bowl and Balanced Beef Bowl, delivers essential nutrients that help consumers feel whole and balanced while meeting their evolving expectations.

Wholesome Bowl founder Mez Jamali (and former Halo Top ice cream CEO) says, “In response to the growing need for nutrient-rich pantry foods, we created Wholesome Bowl with a mission to combat food insecurity by delivering nutritionally enriched meals that are convenient and affordable for everyone.

“After two years of research and development, and following guidelines from Food Standards Australia and New Zealand, our range addresses the market’s demand for healthier, affordable food options and supports busy lifestyles by providing a complete meal replacement packed with essential micro and macronutrients,” she said.

Wholesome Bowl artfully blends traditional noodle flavours with modern dietetics, creating authentic-tasting noodles that are rich in functional nutrients. Each meal boasts 17g of protein, 6g of fibre, and 16 essential vitamins and minerals, satisfying the growing demand for functional foods and catering to health-conscious consumers.

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