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30% of Aussie businesses not playing COVID safe

It turns out that not everyone is playing by the COVID conscious rules.

If you’ve visited a restaurant or a pub lately, you would have (should have) either filled out a form at the end or start of your experience, or scanned a QR code, entering your details.

Concerning statistics have been released that show 30% of Australian businesses with customer foot traffic, do not use a visitor check-in system that complies with their State Government directives.

It takes about 30 seconds and is a great way to trace COVID cases if need be – and even more concerning, 21% of businesses aren’t using a check-in system at all.

West Australian businesses are the least compliant, while NSW businesses are ahead of the country in the sophistication of their systems and Government compliance.

Rules between States

The rules differ a little from State to State. For instance, the NSW Government has mandated digital record keeping for pubs, hotels and clubs, while in other business sectors all visitor names and email or phone number should be recorded – either electronically or on paper.

Some Queensland business sectors must collect the name, number, email, date and time of patronage for all visitors, and keep for 56 days, while some SA business sectors must keep a name and a phone number or email.

Some sectors in Victoria must collect the first name and number of those visiting longer than 15 minutes and keep for 28 days.

WA businesses that think they have the potential to be exposed to COVID-19 must collect visitor contact details and keep for 28 days.

SafeEntry Australia

The figures are derived from an independent July survey of a nationally representative panel of 304 Australian business owners with customer foot traffic, commissioned by SafeEntry Australia.

Rather than using invasive GPS or Bluetooth technology – SafeEntry Australia uses QR Code technology for businesses to check-in visitors anonymously.

To find out more about SafeEntry, click here.

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