Friday, June 21, 2024

A hoppy Easter with Darrell Lea

This Easter, Darrell Lea delighting consumers with its range of premium Easter treats.Darrell Lea Lea milk chocolate Bilbies (100g) is available for RRP $8. Darrell Lea milk chocolate Bilby donates 20c to Save the Bilby Fund with every purchase. Available exclusively at Woolworths.

In the Darrell Lea Easter Bunny range, this includes Bunny Milk Chocolate (160g for RRP $6.50), Bunny Rocklea Road (170g for RRP $6.50), Bunny Liquorice (170g for $6.50), and Bunny Raspberry (170g for $6.50).

In the Darrell Lea Easter Egg range, this include Easter Egg Milk Chocolate (110g for $4.50), Rocklea Road Egg (120g for $4.50), Milk Raspberry Easter Egg (120g for $4.50), Nougat Easter Egg (150g Stackable SRT for RRP $8.50), Milk Chocolate Foiled Eggs (120g for RRP $5), Speckled Easter Eggs (125g for RRP $5).

In the Life Savers Easter range, this includes Fruit Tingles Bunny (170g for RRP $6.50), Fruit Tingles Eggs (120g for RRP $5), and Fruit Tingles Egg (70g for RRP $4).

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