Tuesday, April 16, 2024

A pear juicy enough to make you blush

A new aromatic, red pear is on the block with growers across Australia beginning plantings of the first QTee pear trees.

Originating from Norway, the pears are a medium-sized fruit with an intense red blush and green background – described as having a sweet, aromatic flavour and can be eaten either hard and crunchy or juicy and soft.

QTee is characterised by its delicate, juicy flesh which it inherited from its parents Williams and Broket July.

“We have the Australian license from ABCz and Fruithandel Wouters and plan to plant for many years to come,” explains HBMA General Manager, Elisa King.

“We are supporting growers with international co-ordination and taking valuable learnings garnered from Europe to apply to Australian conditions.”

QTee is an early-ripening pear variety that will be harvested in mid to late February. Growing will be controlled with strict quality specifications, making sure only the best quality fruit makes its way onto supermarket and green grocer shelves.

QTee is a healthy, low-calorie snack that is also ideal for cooking, baking and preserving.

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