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A summer like no other

2020, more so than any other year, will be an incredible time to unite.

The way in which we entertain has changed completely this year, with consumers and businesses having to think of outside-of-the-box ways to have fun and socialise with one another. This month, Retail World looks at business insights during the summer period, changes in sales, and the obstacles businesses will face this silly season.

“People entertain and consume more food and drink in warmer weather. If you think about it, during winter people tend to stay indoors and hibernate to a certain degree whereas once the warmer weather begins, the consumer starts to entertain at home and attend social gatherings,” says Director of Brighton Foodland, Tim Rugless.

With some travel restrictions still being present, most people are going to stay at home, or at least very close to their home.

Mr Rugless says that they see an increase in fresh food sales as well as, “…quick and easy meal solutions.

“Summer entertaining will change,” CEO of Sandhurst Fine Foods, Mimmo Lubrano says confidently.

Mr Lubrano explains that the deli counter at a supermarket has now become a “no-go zone”, due to the fears brought upon by Covid-19.

“Someone touching my food behind the counter is causing a lot of fear,” he says.

However, despite these fears, Sandhurst has seen a 25% increase in sales, which is closely linked with people preferring to stay at home.

In the November issue of Retail World magazine, we explore what some of the brands are doing to stay afloat this summer season.

Head to the full feature to find out which, summer-fun brands we spoke to!

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