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A taste for health

There’s no doubt that the health attributes of a product are a significant consideration when a consumer is shopping. From organic to functional claims, the options and possibilities of ‘healthier’ products are endless.

In the April issue of Retail World we caught up with some of the speakers lined up for Naturally Good 2020 (which has now been cancelled due to COVID-19) to discuss the latest in ‘healthy’.

One such speaker was Lisa Crawford Jones. She is the Consulting Content Manager at Naturally Good and the Editor of What’s New in Healthy Products.

Ms Crawford Jones tells Retail World Australians are more educated and focused on health than ever before.

She describes them as a “nation of label readers” that are researching products that solve health problem before purchase or within the store via one’s mobile phone.

“However, one of the greatest changes during the last couple of years is how we’re seeing the macro trend of personalisation play out in purchase decisions, fuelled by both increased education and the convergence of tech through various health testing apps,” says Ms Crawford Jones.

“Now we can take our understanding of our ailment, research on product ingredients and combine that with personal health data to make highly informed purchase decisions.

“We’re seeing a rejection of dogmatic or prescribed diets, with the most educated devising their own tailored approaches, such as flexitarian diets and movement towards functional foods, drinks, beauty and personal care products.

“Retail education, particularly at pharmacy and health food stores will become increasingly important as consumers’ questions become more complex.

“Another big evolution is that consumers are becoming more aware of their interconnected body systems, are owning their self-care, and prioritising healing and restorative practices as essential components of a healthy lifestyle.

“They’re starting to understand the complex relationship between physical, mental, environmental, emotional and even spiritual wellbeing, and so were seeing heath brands ‘pivot to wellness’ to take an active role in helping address some of these more broader concerns.”

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