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ALDI Australia awarded at the MSC and ASC Sustainable Seafood Awards

ALDI Australia was recognised as Australia’s Best Sustainable Seafood Supermarket at the MSC and ASC Sustainable Seafood Awards.

The awards recognise people and organisations that work to help MSC and ASC’s mission to advance responsible fish farming and sustainable fishing practices, and it was announced that ALDI is this year’s recipient of three important sustainable seafood awards.

ALDI was awarded the MSC Best Sustainable Seafood Supermarket for its wide range of everyday affordable and accessible MSC-labelled products and their continued commitment to ocean health.

The ASC Best Retailer was awarded to ALDI for its overall approach to responsible reporting and policies. It is awarded based on sourcing policy, ASC labelled portfolio and the promotion of ASC messaging.

“We are proud to have received these awards that recognise our commitments towards sourcing and promoting sustainable fish and seafood options.

“It is fantastic to receive recognition from both the Marine and Aquaculture Stewardship Councils for our responsible fish and seafood sourcing. To be awarded the Best Sustainable Seafood Supermarket Award as well as the Best Retailer award reflects the effort and dedication of our team towards supplying the highest quality products while ensuring we act sustainably and responsibly across our entire supply chain,” says ALDI Australia Corporate Responsibility Director Daniel Baker.

ALDI was also awarded the ASC Award for Best Product for its Specially Selected canned Smoked Trout (110g) which retails for $3.99, providing customers with an affordable, sustainable and convenient seafood option.

“All private label ALDI products in our seafood range are responsibly sourced and we are delighted to continue our work closely with industry bodies including the Marine and Aquaculture Stewardship Councils, together we are ensuring that our products meet standards for sustainable fishing,” Mr Baker said.

ALDI aims to ensure every Australian can access sustainable seafood options at affordable prices. These awards are further proof that ALDI’s great prices do not come at the expense of quality and sustainability initiatives.

“Congratulations to ALDI for scooping MSC’s Best Supermarket Award this year. Ultimately what this means is that when you buy MSC labelled seafood at ALDI, you’re doing more than just easing your conscience, or making a sustainable decision, you’re helping to make fishing fleets around the world be more sustainable. And by that, securing an important food source into longevity while uplifting the livelihoods of dependent fishing communities. The choices we make in the supermarket can have a huge impact at sea, and beyond,” says Marine Stewardship Council Programme Director, Oceania Anne Gabriel.

Aquaculture Stewardship Council Australian Head Duncan Leadbitter said, “Leadership on the responsible sourcing of farmed seafood is critical for driving improvements in aquaculture practices world-wide. ALDI’s commitment to supplying ASC labelled products is a result of a carefully considered sourcing policy that clearly recognises the value of ASC’s rigorous and transparent standards.”

ALDI continues to work closely with third party certifiers to improve product traceability and support its responsible sourcing policies. Accepted third party certifications for its fish and seafood range include:

ALDI Stores Australia Executive Manager Corporate Responsibility – Packaging and Responsible Sourcing Pamela Mikschofsky,

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