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ALDI commits to 100 per cent cage-free eggs by 2025

ALDI has responded to its customers and is committed to working with its suppliers towards transitioning to 100 per cent cage-free eggs by no later than 2025.

ALDI Australia currently provides cage, barn and free-range eggs, and will continue to sell cage-free eggs. Currently, more than 50 per cent of the eggs sold in-store are cage eggs.

The retailer says it wants to ensure that the complexity of transitioning to cage-free eggs is managed effectively.

“ALDI believes the best outcome will be achieved for everyone when the transition is done cooperatively and collaboratively with the industry, customers and other relevant parties,” a spokesperson for ALDI Australia said.

“To achieve our goal, we are working with our suppliers to safeguard a sustainable transition for the industry. Moving to cage-free eggs is a complex process and requires significant capital investment to be achieved.

“All eggs sold at ALDI Australia, including cage, barn and free-range, comply with industry standards and legislative requirements. ALDI Australia’s cooperative and partnering approach with suppliers allows us to make continuous improvements that may extend over and above industry standards.”

Egg Farmers of Australia criticised ALDI’s decision to phase out the sale of caged eggs from its Australian stores, with spokesman John Coward saying it will hurt Australian egg farmers.

“Cage eggs are popular because they are a cost-effective form of nutrition and, in Australia, they are produced to rigorous industry standards approved by government,” he said.

“In disregarding the buying habits of its own customers, and the high standards that its egg suppliers are required to adhere to, ALDI is showing that the facts should never get in the way of responding to ill-informed social media campaigns by a select few.”

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