Monday, April 22, 2024

Aldi publishes its ‘Child Labour Policy’

Aldi Australia, as part of Aldi South, has strengthened its efforts to eliminate child labour risks globally by publishing an independent ‘Child Labour Policy’.

The ‘Child Labour Policy’ defines child labour so any potential incidents can be identified. It outlines expectations of business partners and processes upon identifying any cases of child labour.

The following initiatives have also been implemented:

  • An internal child labour guideline for relevant business partners explaining requirements to child labour.
  • An e-learning that further details Aldi’s requirements, international laws and standards in regard to child labour.
  • A child labour prevention and remediation workshop for select business partners.

Why now?

While many organisations incorporate child labour policies into broader policies, such as code of conduct, Aldi South launches the Child Labour Policy as a way of prioritising the issue.

Despite many products available at Aldi Australia being sourced in Australia, the company still has business partners overseas. Aldi wishes to ensure that even their business partners are following suit.

The policy was published on the 30th anniversary of the ‘UN Convention on the Rights of the Child’ and the 60th anniversary of the ‘UN Declaration on the Rights of the Child’.

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