Thursday, June 20, 2024

ALDI responds to the TWU’s claims about ALDI’s operations

ALDI utterly refutes all allegations made by the Transport Workers Union (TWU). “This ongoing, targeted campaign to discredit ALDI by the TWU is both baseless and damaging,” the retailer said in a statement.

“The TWU continues to make unsubstantiated and wildly inaccurate claims about both our supplier partnerships and how seriously we take the safety of our drivers. Given the seriousness of these claims, we will respond to both baseless claims below:

  1. TWU CLAIM: ALDI squeezes supply partners

“On the contrary – ALDI does not squeeze suppliers: The ALDI business model does not involve squeezing suppliers. Our low prices are possible thanks to our focus on efficient business process. ALDI sets clear expectations with our suppliers to ensure there is correct payment of wages, vehicles are maintained, delivery timeframes are realistic and achievable and drivers take breaks as required by legislation. ALDI understands that it accounted for just three per cent of Scott’s business. Any accusation that ALDI and our business model is responsible for the company’s collapse is wildly misinformed and an unwarranted attack built to discredit ALDI.”

  1. TWU CLAIM: ALDI refuses to engage with the TWU

“On the contrary –  ALDI has actively sought information from the TWU:  We have asked for details to substantiate safety claims made by the TWU and indicated our willingness to meet with the TWU. Most recently, we wrote to the TWU two weeks ago offering to meet with them and are still waiting for a reply. We are proud of our safety credentials and we remain open to dialogue with the TWU, and other representative groups, to learn if there are ways we can improve. ALDI engages fairly and professionally with all unions that have coverage of our employees and comply fully with the provisions of the Fair Work Act when dealing with all unions and their rights to access our sites.”

“Any notion that we would put our employees, contractors, supplier partners or the general public in harm’s way is a disgraceful accusation and is wholly untrue,” ALDI said.

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