ALDI’s trading hour changes

Following the unprecedented demand for certain items at supermarkets, ALDI has now released a statement on their website revealing what processes they will be taking to ensure that everyone is able to acquire the necessities.

The statement reads:

As of Wednesday 18 March, we will be changing all store trading hours to 9:30am to 7pm, unless other state and local trading restrictions apply. We will continue to re-evaluate these hours on a weekly basis and communicate the decision to either uphold these hours or return to normal trading hours.

The reasoning to why these hours have been altered include:

  • We want our employees to take a break and look after themselves and their families;
  • Give our store employees more time to restock shelves with products and be ready for customers;
  • Give time to our employees in the Distribution Centres to get the stock onto trucks and into stores;
  • Allow thorough cleaning of the stores.

Click here to view trading hour changes made by Coles and Woolworths.

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