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Appetite for cosmopolitan fare keeps growing

The international food category’s “upward trend” in performance during the pandemic is being maintained, according to Ettason Category Manager Thomas Michaels.

“[During] the [height of the] pandemic, people were looking towards more comfort food and also an experience that can take them back to certain worldly places since travelling wasn’t available,” he says. “With safety measures put in place, more families consumed at home, which drove the uplift in authentic ingredients and comfort foods.

“[We’re still seeing] this upward trend post pandemic, even as the community [is] given its freedom back.”

Addressing further trends, Mr Michaels adds: “Over the past five years or so, we’ve noticed retailers really focus on growing the international food category, specifically in noodles, snacks and condiments, to capitalise on hype that cooking shows are creating, with the likes of My Kitchen Rules and MasterChef.”

Quality food for thought

Quality Food World has noted an increase in sales of its international food portfolio throughout the past year, says Marketing Manager Ozlem Agca.

“Due to numerous lockdowns, people have been cooking at home more and experimenting with new ingredients and cuisines, which has resulted in an increase in purchasing of international products,” she says, adding that the younger generation, in particular, is constantly searching for something new.

Ms Agca points to the appeal of Quality Food World’s products among those seeking high quality and natural ingredients.

“Quality Food World, since its conception, has continuously strived to avoid artificial colouring and flavours,” she says, “which attracts those who are mindful of the ingredients in the products they purchase.”

Ms Agca also notes a desire for convenience.

“[Consumers] want products that they can make delicious meals with quickly and easily,” she says. “Antonio Sotos, one of our imported brands, stocks a paella kit, which comes with paella spices, rice and a pan, so customers can buy everything they need for a meal at once.”

Additionally, “consumers are also looking for healthier alternatives”, she says.

Addressing the company’s support for retailers, Ms Agca says Quality Food World endeavours to provide “inspirational” POS material and “quick and easy” recipe cards.

“We also back up our POS material via our social accounts to increase engagement and conversion,” she says.

Looking ahead, Ms Agca says Quality Food World is monitoring latest trends so it will be ready to adapt to any changes in coming months and years.

“Our deep expertise in food manufacturing and importing products ensures that Quality Food World will continue to bring the best food the world has to offer,” she says. “We’ll have some new products to offer the Australian market in the second half of this year.”

Read more from international food players in the June issue of Retail World.

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