Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Aussie seafood receives sustainability tick

The ‘Fishery status reports 2021’ shows for the eighth consecutive year that none of Australia’s Commonwealth-managed fisheries have been subject to overfishing. Commonwealth southern bluefin tuna stocks have also been reclassified as not overfished.

Seafood Industry Australia CEO Veronica Papacosta says the sustainability result is monumental news, which is unprecedented internationally.

“Australia’s commercial fishing industry is one of the most sustainable protein sources in the world, and these reports are a celebration of our country’s seafood industry and the well-managed, sustainable fisheries that supply all of our favourite seafoods,” she says.

“The reclassification of Commonwealth southern bluefin tuna stocks is [also] wonderful news, and a testament to the fishery’s robust management plans and industry’s effort to rebuild stocks.”

Assistant Minister for Forestry and Fisheries Jonno Duniam says fisheries continue to play an important role in Australia’s primary production success story. Sustainable management, he adds, means we can ensure that continues well into the future.

“The Morrison government will always be a strong supporter of our sustainable fisheries sector so that it can continue to deliver quality seafood to Australian customers and export it around the world,” says Mr Duniam.

Ms Papacosta adds: “We know Australians love to eat Australian seafood, and if you want to be certain you’re eating sustainable, healthy, world-class seafood that’s good for you and good for the planet, always ask for Aussie seafood whether you’re at the fishmonger, fish and chip shop, or the local takeaway restaurant.

“The ‘Fishery status reports 2021’ reaffirms that Australians can be proud of their seafood industry which provides fresh, high-quality seafood, year-round.

“We acknowledge of the 100 fish stocks assessed, 66 were not overfished and not subject to overfishing, while the remaining stocks are either not subject to overfishing and have active rebuilding strategies, which in the case of southern bluefin tuna have been seen to be very successful, or the catch effort is too low for necessary data to be available.

“As fishers, our priority is the ocean. We advocate the health, sustainability and future of our ocean. It’s our livelihood and the future livelihood of generations to come.”

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