Aussies drink over 100 million glasses of alcohol per week

Exactly how many Aussies enjoy an alcoholic beverage, and how much are they drinking?

It turns out that 13.2 million Aussies (66.4% of the adult population), drink alcohol in one form or another in an average four weeks.

The percentage of alcohol consumption however continues to fall, with the health trend still in steady motion.

The research gathered by Roy Morgan also finds that wine is the most popular choice of alcoholic beverage, with 43.0% of adult Aussies drinking wine in an average four weeks, followed by beer at 35.2% and spirits at 30.8%.

There is also a distinct difference between the sexes and alcohol preferences.

Women prefer their wine, with 47.4% of women consuming it in an average four-week period, compared to 38.4% of men.

54.3% of men drink beer, in comparison to only 17.8% of women.

“Back in 2006, just 2.1% of drinkers had chosen cider in the previous four weeks,” explains CEO of Roy Morgan, Michele Levine.

“By 2017 it was fashionable enough to peak at 13.4% but as of September 2020 it is down to 9.2%. Spirits however, have trended upwards, consumed by 25.3% of alcohol drinkers in 2006 and 30.8% now.

“The majority of alcohol drinkers (66%) drink lightly or moderately, but the disproportionate consumption by those classified as heavy drinkers (29+ drinks in an average four weeks) is striking: just 34% of drinkers are responsible for 77% of all alcohol consumed.”

Readers can download the full Alcohol Report by Roy Morgan, here.


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