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Aussies reveal working preferences for 2021

This year has seen many changes, especially with the way we work and operate.

Most employees had a taste of working from home life in 2020, and it turns out that most wish to still keep it this way.

55% of employees say that they would prefer to continue working from home at least two days per week, despite 51% finding it less enjoyable now than at the start of Covid-19.

The study found that time saved by not traveling to work, flexibility to work at times that suit people best and work-life balance were some of the top reasons why those surveyed prefer working from home.

However, working from home also came with its downsides which included difficulty in collaborating with colleagues, missing the social side of office life and struggling to contribute to meetings

Employees want a hybrid workplace model, where they have the flexibility and freedom to work from home when it works best for them or suits the type of work they need to do.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the future of work, making it the ‘now’ of workplaces,” says Managing Director at Barco Australia and New Zealand, Claudio Cardile.

“But our research shows that while employees are working from home, they’re still experiencing many challenges – especially with collaboration.

“With many expecting ‘hybrid work’, a combination of in-office and remote working, to be the norm, it’s critical that businesses invest in solutions and processes that support workers to collaborate effectively.”

This research surveyed 1750 white collar workers across seven countries.

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