Monday, July 22, 2024

Australian chocolate manufacturers move towards sourcing sustainable cocoa

Australia’s major chocolate manufacturers have committed to using sustainably sourced cocoa in locally produced products.

All major manufacturer’s – Mondelēz (Cadbury), Nestlé, Mars, Ferrero, Haigh’s, Lindt and others – have agreed to using cocoa that will give long-term stability to the cocoa-growing industry while protecting children from child labour and human trafficking abuses.

“The largest Australian manufacturers are committed to a long-term, improved, cocoa-growing outlook,” said Tim Piper, Head of the Confectionery Sector at the Australian Industry Group.

The commitment of the companies to reach fully sustainably sourced cocoa is one that all major manufacturers have publicly made.

“Some companies, such as Nestlé, have already moved to totally certified cocoa in their Australian retail chocolate products, while all other majors have committed to either full certification or sustainability and support in the near term,” Mr Piper said.

He went on to say that chocolate consumption was growing in Australia and globally, and that it was in the best interests of Australian manufacturers, cocoa growers and their communities to advocate against slavery and create a successful and sustainable cocoa-growing industry.

“The Australian chocolate industry has been transparent and encourages the public to note the extraordinary action the industry has been taking to modernise, improve and support African communities, growers and children,” Mr Piper said.

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