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Australians to spend $1B on Mother’s Day

According to new research by comparison site Finder’s survey of 1080 respondents, three in five (63%) Aussies plan to celebrate Mother’s Day this year.

Of those planning to mark the occasion, the average person is set to spend $82, bringing the national total to over $1 billion. This is lower compared to what Aussies were willing to shell out in 2021 ($108 each).

Those who plan to shower their mum will do so with flowers (24%), chocolates (18%), or a meal at a restaurant or cafe (11%).

Some are opting for a more personalised approach this Mother’s Day – 22% will write a heartfelt card, six per cent will craft together a gift, and five per cent plan to make a meal.

Finder shopping expert Chris Jager says Australians are opening up their hearts and purse strings this Mother’s Day.

“While we all want to shower the mothers around us with love and gifts, it can be an unwelcome expense when many of us are feeling the pinch financially.

“Whether it’s a homemade gift or a home-cooked meal, there are plenty of ways to celebrate Mother’s Day without breaking the bank.”

Mr Jager said many retailers offer deals and discounts on Mother’s Day.

“It’s worth keeping an eye out for promotional emails as well as checking coupon websites to find deals on gifts, flowers, and cards.

“Instead of taking your loved one out to an expensive restaurant, consider cooking their favourite meal at home or plan a relaxing picnic.

“Quality time spent together is priceless – it’s the thought that counts,” Mr Jager said.

Women (66%) are more likely than men (60%) to be celebrating Mother’s Day. Despite this, men are planning to spend slightly more on their gifts ($83) compared to women ($81).

What do you plan to get your mum for Mother’s Day?
Flowers 24%
A card 22%
Chocolates 18%
Other 11%
A meal at a restaurant / cafe 11%
Jewellery 7%
I plan to make her a gift 6%
Pyjamas 5%
I plan to make her food 5%
I don’t plan to celebrate / I don’t plan to get her anything 37%

Source: Finder survey of 1080 respondents, April 2023.

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