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Australia’s first hypotonic sports beers

UpFlow Brewing Co., is changing the game when it comes to sinking beers.

No longer is it just a post-game ritual, as this new range is designed to be enjoyed pre-game, as well as at half-time or during ‘sports breaks’.

The rehydration non-alcoholic beers are available in two styles: Ultra Pale Lager and Classic Pale Ale.

UpFlow’s hypotonic sports beers offer optimal low energy hydration, replacing lost electrolytes and providing nutrients to support recovery and long-term sustainable high performance.

“Alcohol-free beer, in adjunct with an exercise recovery meal, may support rehydration after exercise due to its water, carbohydrate and sodium content – nutrients that are all part of exercise recovery guidelines and recommendations,” says Monash University Senior Lecturer and Researcher in Exercise Physiology, Metabolism & Dietetics, Dr Ricardo Costa.

Former Port Adelaide Australian rules football player, Elijah Ware says that UpFlow’s hypotonic sports beers help him to rehydrate after games.

“They allow me to enjoy a few celebratory beers with my footy players without having to worry about the risk of driving home to my family.

“For post-game hydration and recovery as well as my own mental health, there’s no better feeling than being able to smash beers throughout the season without feeling guilty.

“There’s really no downside – it helps me perform at my best and keeps the club atmosphere fun and relaxed at the same time.”

UpFlow co-founder Julian Sanders says that he’s on a mission to start changing the conversation around Australia’s drinking culture, particularly when it comes to sport.

“We love beer but are not big fans of hangovers,” he says.

“Like most Australians, we like to finish off a big win by getting on the beers, but don’t like the unfortunate consequences we wake up with the next day. So we’ve made a range of tasty, non-alcoholic beers that mean you’re up for a big day after you’ve had a big night.”

The Classic Pale Ale and Ultra Pale Lager join the other two beers in UpFlow’s non-alcoholic range: New World IPA and Stout.

UpFlow’s new rehydration hypotonic beers are available online at

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