Tuesday, May 21, 2024

bibigo launches Australian made fresh Kimchi

A “leading” name in Korean cuisine, bibigo has introduced its latest offering: a locally sourced range of fresh kimchi. This new line underscores bibigo’s commitment to providing authentic, high-quality Korean food to Australian consumers while promoting health and sustainability.

Containing cabbage, radish, green onion and onion sourced from Australian based farms, this new fresh product remains crisp and flavourful ensuring consumers all over Australia can enjoy “the unique and authentic taste that so many people around the world have raved about for years.”

Kimchi, a staple of Korean cuisine, has garnered worldwide acclaim for its bold flavours, versatility and numerous health benefits. With its rich probiotic content and abundance of vitamins and antioxidants, kimchi has become a highly sought after by Australians in recent years. “Recognising the growing demand for locally sourced, fresh, high-quality kimchi, bibigo has meticulously crafted a line of Australian made kimchi products to meet the discerning tastes of Aussie consumers who demand freshness above all else,” the company said.

bibigo’s new fresh Kimchi is crafted using traditional methods and locally sourced ingredients, ensuring “exceptional flavour and nutritional value.”

“We are excited to introduce our locally sourced fresh kimchi to the Australian market and inspire consumers to embark on a journey of taste and wellness with bibigo,” says CJ Foods Oceania Managing Director Eugene Cha. “Whether enjoyed as a standalone side dish or incorporated into creative recipes, with our all-new fresh kimchi range, Australian consumers can enjoy the authentic kimchi flavours of Korea made with fresh cabbage sourced from farms in both Victoria and Queensland, while reaping the health benefits of this beloved dish.”

bibigo’s commitment to sourcing locally ensures freshness and sustainability whilst supporting local farmers and communities. “By choosing locally sourced ingredients, bibigo has also committed to reducing its carbon footprint and contributes to a more environmentally friendly food system.”

Available in both 400g and 900g SKUs, bibigo kimchi can be found at Asian grocery stores nationally, with expansion into mainstream grocery a likely follow-up.

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