Friday, April 19, 2024

Boost of confidence for women in workplace

Only two months ago LinkedIn’s data showed that men felt more confident in the workplace than women.

Well things are changing around here!

The November Workforce Confidence Index now reveals that Aussie women are driving the improvement of confidence in the workplace and are cautiously optimistic about their career prospects when compared to men.

“Two months ago, the gender gap was widening, and women’s confidence was significantly less than their male counterparts, sitting at 16 points compared to men at 27 points on a confidence scale of -100 to +100,” says Managing Director of LinkedIn Australia & New Zealand, Matt Tindale.

“We’re glad to see this improving with the latest LinkedIn Workforce Confidence Index data showing that women are now at 29 points on the scale, which is the same as men.

“However, women are feeling more stressed than men in their jobs and more concerned than men being onsite at work due to Covid.”

More specifically, 58% of Aussie workers report being stressed, more women feel this way with 63% saying they are either ‘very stressed’ or ‘somewhat stressed’.

Comparatively only 54% of men felt this way.

Working longer hours in remote areas, is a concern for everyone, with women being slightly more concerned at 39% and 33% of men showing concern.

Mr Tindale concludes: “Organisations should continue to do more support women at the workplace so they don’t feel isolated and can balance their work-life.”

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