Friday, May 31, 2024

Broo adds Mildura Brewery to the mix

Broo’s national beer production and distribution plans set to expand with acquisition of Mildura Brewery in Victoria.

The Mildura Brewery was one of the first craft breweries and contract-brewing facilities in Australia. It has played a significant role in the establishment and growth of the Australian craft-beer industry.

Broo says that the acquisition of the Mildura Brewery beer-production business will provide Broo with a commercial brewery facility to begin its own beer production straight away, giving Broo the opportunity and capacity to expand distribution of its beer products nationally. This will also significantly reduce its production costs, in turn creating higher profitability across sales of existing brands.

As part of the acquisition, Broo will also acquire the various Mildura Brewery beer brands currently being produced at Mildura Brewery, and which Broo will add to its existing product portfolio.

“Broo is thrilled about this upcoming venture, which represents yet another exciting stage in the growth and development of the company’s operations in Australia,” Broo Founder and Executive Chairman Kent Grogan said.

“The acquisition of the Mildura Brewery pub venue also gives Broo an exciting extension of our existing business by providing a micro-brewery hospitality venue for Broo to showcase and realise retail margins for its beer products.

“This model is in line with the company’s domestic growth strategy, with additional sites currently being evaluated for further expansion,” he said.

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