Thursday, April 18, 2024

Brownes Dairy ditches plastic bottles

Brownes Dairy will be the first company in Australia to integrate renewable cartons across its entire milk carton range.

The distribution beginning mid-October, will involve the use of Tetra Pak bio-based packages. Materials are plant-based, and use protective layers derived from sugar cane.

“There is a lot of emphasis on the importance of recycling, but less of a focus on how we can make products more sustainable from the beginning,” said Brownes Dairy CEO, Tony Girgis.

Additionally, “Brownes Dairy wanted to improve the sustainability of our packaging across the entire lifecycle of our products.”

Tetra Pak packaging is the world’s first fully renewable beverage carton using sugar cane as the protective layers.

“Making the switch to a protective layer… is not only better for the environment, but our consumers can trust the package is made from a renewable source. It has a lower carbon impact to climate change than fossil-based plastic,” said Mr Grigis.

The Australian dairy company will switch 25 of its milk carton products to the new sustainable packaging, which equates to about 17.8 million milk cartons per year.

The white milk, cream and CHILL range will all be packaged with Tetra Bio-Based board.

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