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Cage egg sales grew in 2015

Australians continue to buy cage eggs, despite highly organised campaigns against the caging of chickens.

Statistics from IRI International show that sales of cage eggs in major supermarkets across Australia rose by 3.5 per cent in 2015, representing more than half of total retail eggs sales.

“Despite extensive negative advertising campaigns, social media pressure on supermarkets, less than ideal shelf placement and bland packaging of house brand eggs, caged eggs have remained a strong category in egg sales,” Council for Sustainable Egg Farming Chair Greg Mills said.

Mr Mills outlined that scientific research had shown that no system of egg farming was clearly better for hens, despite the concern of many shoppers.

“While cages limit the natural behaviour of hens, their health status is superior and lower mortalities are achieved in cages,” he said. “A shopper who sees hens experiencing natural behaviour as a high priority may choose free range, while someone more concerned about how many hens die producing their eggs could choose cage eggs.”

The IRI data shows that cage eggs continue to be an affordable, high-protein and versatile option for consumers.

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