Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Capilano’s new Easy Pour Eco Pouch

Australian honey marketer, Capilano, is shaking up the honey shelves with a new easy-pour pouch with impressive sustainability and usability credentials.

The innovative 700g Easy Pour Eco Pouch uses 60% less plastic than Capilano’s popular 500g upside down squeeze pack and features a thin squeezable shell with convenient spout. The innovative packaging makes cooking and baking with honey easier than ever before.

Ryan d’Almeida, CEO of Capilano owner Hive + Wellness said: “We’re really excited about this new packaging, a first of its kind in the honey category in Australia. Cooks especially will love it, as it not only minimises any sticky mess, it also prevents honey wastage as you can squeeze out every last drop. And if it’s honey saving, it’s money saving too.”

Mr d’Almeida said Capilano was seeing an increasing number of shoppers choose honey as a healthy alternative to sugar, and the Easy Pour spout in the Eco Pouch made this switch an even easier choice.

“Capilano Honey is naturally twice as sweet as sugar, meaning you need less when switching in your baking, sauces, drinks and even savoury recipes,” Mr d’Almeida said. “Using honey in your recipes means you can reduce your sugar intake without compromising on taste. And now we’ve made it simple to pour the honey direct from the pack.”

The Eco Pouch, with its reduced plastic use, also reflects Capilano’s commitment to reducing environmental impacts. The packaging requires less energy to manufacture and transport, is completely BPA free, and is 100% recyclable through Redcycle.

“We are always looking for new ways to innovate, whether in taste, packaging or completely new products, and our loyal customers are key in helping us decide what to create next,” Mr d’Almeida said. “We know that many consumers like to buy honey in bulk and then refill their smaller containers. The Easy Pour pouch eliminates the messy decanting process once and for all.”

Capilano’s new Eco Pouch contains 700g of Australian honey sourced from beekeepers across Australia. It is available at Woolworths stores nationally.

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