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Cheers to a gluten-free Christmas

ObrienRange_ProdShotO’Brien Beer, promoted as producing Australia’s premium gluten-free craft beer, has introduced a seasonal range that it says is sure to satisfy the tastes of all beer lovers.

The seasonal range comprises O’Brien Belgian Ale (six per cent ABV), O’Brien India Pale Ale (six per cent), O’Brien Pilsner (5.2 per cent) and O’Brien Chocolate Orange Porter (6.8 per cent).

O’Brien Belgian Ale is described as displaying a light sweetness from sorghum malts, millet malts and Belgian candy sugar, with a dry finish and slight alcohol warmth, complemented with a subtle spice, earth and fruit characters from the yeast, hops and spice additions.

O’Brien says its India Pale Ale is an American-style beer offering a fresh and vibrant fruit-salad taste, with its punchy flavour, celebrating the freshness of the spring season, consisting of solid malt and a hop aroma, to create a tropical flavour with a bitter finish. The fruity tones include passionfruit, grapefruit, citrus, pineapple and pine with a “solid malt body that ensures it is bursting with flavour”.

O’Brien Pilsner is described as a German-style brew, which will be brewed for summer, with its “zesty light taste great for the season”. O’Brien says fresh hops are used to create this unique blend, with the pale straw colour of the beer coming from the magnum and saaz hops, which strengthen its vibrant aroma and refreshing bitterness.

O’Brien Chocolate Orange Porter is a limited release that has been introduced in celebration of O’Brien Beer’s 10-year anniversary. The Porter has “a deeply distinct, silky mocha taste that comes from the infusion of cocoa and orange zest”, with a touch of citrus helping to balance the bitterness of the chocolate, while the Mandarina hops “create a seductive aroma of orange”.

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