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Collaborate to POP

A good relationship between brand, agency and retailer is essential to get the most out of a shopper marketing campaign.

Much has changed in shopper marketing throughout the pandemic era, as retailers and shoppers have shifted along with the safety recommendations of the day. What has remained consistent throughout this period – to this day – is the importance of collaboration. A man is not an island. Neither is a successful marketing campaign.

Carla Bridge, General Manager of not-for-profit industry association Shop! Australia & New Zealand, says having good relationships across all stakeholders is critical.

“Without having open communication lines, you can end up with marketing that doesn’t fit your needs, wants or budgets,” she says. “A good relationship with an agency, for instance as a brand, allows the agency to think outside the scope and suggest things that may not have been tried or thought of before.”

The retailer/brand relationship spans many different facets, but knowing what is most effective for your end user can mean you gain more space in stores, she adds.

“More importantly, it means better ROI as displays will see the light of day on the shopfloor and not be thrown out early or left to languish in back docks,” says Ms Bridge.

One of the most crucial relationships when it comes to POP displays, though, is with the manufacturer or supplier for the display itself.

“This can make or break the success of a campaign, as a manufacturer of a display is responsible for the quality,” says Ms Bridge. “Manufacturer relationships are a tightly guarded secret among suppliers, whether they be local or offshore producers, and for an agency, the demise of these important relationships can break a business.”

Joseph Sgambellone, founder of end-to-end POP agency Semcom, agrees that collaboration and communication between all parties (brand, agency and retailer) is extremely important for a successful campaign.

“Only when this all comes together is the outcome truly brilliant,” he told Retail World. “The knowledge, skill set, requirements, goals, objectives and constraints from all parties need to align to ensure the greatest result.

“When the client works as a true partner with you, that’s when the best results eventuate. We love working with clients who have this same ‘partnership’ mindset, as it motivates our team to push beyond the norm and develop the most innovative solutions. In short, collaboration is where the magic happens,” says Mr Sgambellone.

Read more about POP and shopper marketing in the November issue of Retail World.

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