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Connect with food and beverage suppliers from the USA

United States trade organisation Food Export is hosting a virtual trade event for Australian importers and retailers to connect with food and beverage manufacturers and suppliers. The event runs 11-14 May with virtual meetings available each day.

Food Export’s In-Market Representative for Australia John Arnold, from CX Food, said the event was a great opportunity for importers, buyers and retailers to meet with export-ready food, beverage and manufacturing ingredient suppliers who were keen to establish and grow sales in the Australian market. With international travel not possible the virtual platform is a perfect way to meet and to keep up to date on the new and emerging food and beverage products from the US.

The US suppliers have a range of speciality, gourmet food and beverage products as well as large manufacturers of dairy products, ingredients, seafood, berries and dates.

There is also a number of international distribution and shipping specialists who have access to thousands of products from across the United States who can provide logistics and consolidation services.

Food Export is looking forward to connecting Australian importers and buyers with exciting new products and creating new networking opportunities.

Meetings will be scheduled between 8am and 10am AEST starting next Tuesday 11 May. The meetings will be via Zoom which will be easily accessible from Food Export’s central platform.

For more information and to arrange a connection please contact John via the CX Food contact or email

About Food Export

Food Export is a non-profit organisation working in cooperation with USDA Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) that promote the export of food and agriculture products from the Midwest and Northeast USA.

Suppliers in these regions have a long-standing reputation for products that are high-quality, safe, innovative, and consistent. They have well-developed food processing industries and contain some of the world’s top food-producing areas. To learn more about products from the Midwest and Northeast regions read our brochure, Field to Fork.

Food Export has a range of activities to connect international buyers with US products including travel to international trade shows (virtually for the short term), one on one business matching, trade missions and can connect importers and retailers with thousands of suppliers, products and ingredients.

About CX Food

CX Food is an Australian-based consultancy working with the food and beverage industry on international trade, customer experience, product development and innovation. Please get in touch to discuss how we can add value to your food business.

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