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Consumer preferences in a post-pandemic world

Qualtrics is releasing research that shows what Aussie consumers expectations are when it comes to business in a post-pandemic world.

“As we move forward from the pandemic, the eyes of the world are on Australia with consumers in the country giving the rest of the world insight into how habits are changing as restrictions lift,” Director of XM Solutions and Strategy, Qualtrics Asia Pacific & Japan, Vicky Katsabaris says.

“It means regional CX leaders have an opportunity to define the future of customer experience globally by designing the new products and services aligned with evolving consumer expectations, and then continuously improving them.”


Consumer satisfaction in Australia exceeds global average. 74% of consumers said they were satisfied with their brand interactions, in comparison to 66% globally.

Consumers went digital, most of them don’t want to go back.  Consumers are going back to face-to-face engagements for personal interactions such as education and medical support. However, transactional engagements such as online banking and shopping will remain.

Customer service is an important differentiator. 20% of consumers would prefer to buy from an organisation that treats them well, and 13% would make a purchase based on corporate social responsibility.

Consumers increasingly expect great experiences across multiple platforms. 36% of consumers expect to resolve support issues over the phone, 24% in person, 20% through online chat, and 20% through self-service methods.

Satisfaction breeds trust and advocacy. The team at Qualtrics says that positive experiences inspire greater levels of trust and advocacy among consumers. When consumers trust a brand, they are more likely to recommend them to friends and family.

“Our research shows that consumers are not going back to the way things were,” Head of Qualtrics XM Institute, Bruce Temkin says.

“Consumers have adapted to a new, digital-first landscape, and the experience that they have with brands across digital channels directly impact their purchasing decisions. In order to be successful, organisations need to prepare for the future instead of trying to recreate the past.”

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