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Coopers backs launch of Carlsberg Mid

carlsberg-mid---bottle-shot-(low-res)_WEBCarlsberg Mid 3.5% will debut in Australia this March under Coopers Brewery’s international beers portfolio.

Brewed at Coopers’ Regency Park headquarters for the Australian market, Carlsberg Mid 3.5% is an all-malt, light, easy-drinking lager, which complements Coopers’ mid-strength ale, Coopers Mild 3.5%.

Coopers National Sales and Marketing Director Cam Pearce said mid-strength beers were the strongest-growing category in the Australian beer market.

“Sales of Mild Ale 3.5% grew by 13.7 per cent during 2015 to become Coopers’ third-largest product by volume,” he said.

“We believe the category will continue to grow and we were looking for a mid-strength lager to round out our offering. Following discussions with Carlsberg, agreement was reached to brew and distribute Carlsberg Mid 3.5%.”

Australia will be one of the first markets globally to have access to Carlsberg Mid 3.5%, which has been in development for six months and will be distributed by Premium Beverages.

According to Premium Beverages’ Carlsberg Brand Manager Michal Evans, it is vital that Carlsberg is able to innovate and adapt to local market needs and trends.

“Australians are looking for products and brands that are ‘better for them’, and while there is currently a decline in the total beer market, we are seeing significant growth in the mid-strength category,” she said.

“Carlsberg Mid 3.5% is one of the first times Carlsberg has produced a mid-strength version of their iconic Carlsberg beer. The product is designed to cater to Australians who enjoy premium beer and value the benefits of a lighter alcohol and low-carb beverage. Australians are looking for a lower-alcohol, lower-carbohydrate beer and we’re excited to launch a premium, refreshing mid-strength beer that tastes great.”

Carlsberg Mid 3.5% is available in 330ml bottles nationally from March.

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