Friday, July 26, 2024

Council supports compliance in franchising sector

The Franchise Council of Australia (FCA) has released a statement reiterating that all 460,000 Australians who derive their livelihood from franchising should receive their full, legal entitlements.

The FCA’s comments came before the Fair Work Ombudsman’s report into 7-Eleven operations was released on April 9.

“All business owners have responsibilities and obligations and the FCA continues to work closely with the relevant government agencies to make sure that all franchise owners are aware of these requirements and fulfil them in an accurate and timely way,” FCA Chairman Bruce Billson said.

Mr Billson said that pay and work entitlement irregularities could be found right across the economy and that all businesses, including franchises, had an obligation to ensure compliance. He also said that the FCA would examine the report from the Fair Work Ombudsman carefully.

“The FCA respects the work and enforcement role of the Fair Work Ombudsman and recognises that we can support the effectiveness of educational and awareness-raising activities in our own sector by helping to ensure that all franchise business owners take steps to ensure they are fully aware of their current obligations as employers,” Mr Billson said.

Mr Billson said that the FCA was supporting the drafting of a workplace standard which outlines the roles of franchisees and franchisors in workplace compliance, as well as the extension of the personal liabilities of the directors of businesses who don’t meet their workplace payment obligations.

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