Saturday, June 22, 2024

Decision Inc. Australia offering AI-driven hyper automation platform

Data and analytics company Decision Inc. Australia has expanded its offering to clients in the retail, FMCG, manufacturing, supply chain and logistics sectors by partnering with, a provider of artificial intelligence (AI) and hyper automation solutions.

Decision Inc. Australia CEO Aiden Heke says the retail, FMCG and the food and drink sectors face significant headwinds driven by inflation and mounting supply chain issues and are looking at ways to remove manual processes and human error to protect their margins.

“’s approach to hyper automation allows our clients to do so quickly, with easy-to-implement solutions – we’re talking in a matter of weeks and months,” he says.

“’s hyper-automation platform is trained to read, extract, calculate and validate freight invoices and statements efficiently and accurately, checking charges across multiple data-points to identify errors.” CEO Bart Heyse says Decision Inc. Australia’s consultative approach is proven to benefit clients in the FMCG and retail space, developing a well-earned reputation as a leader in identifying AI-driven solutions to its clients’ challenges.

“Strategically combining a digital workforce and human workforce is the way of the future,” he says, “and we know that our products and approach to AI-powered automation, creates significant and quantifiable ROIs often within 12-months for the future thinking organisations that Decision Inc. works with – enabling them to protect, and even expand their margins now, and into the future.”

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