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Delivering decadence

Australian consumers are mostly craving quality and decadence when reaching for treats and snacks, whether delectably sweet or deliciously savoury. And when we do, we want the best.

New research from Arnott’s reveals that 66% of surveyed Australians say they have ‘top-shelf’ treats at home – food items they consider to be so delicious that they keep them separate from the rest for maximum indulgence after a busy or stressful day.

The poll was conducted online by YouGov over five days in December 2021 and comprised a nationally representative sample of 1074 Australians aged 18 years and older. It found that Australian tastes have been changing over the past few years. Adults are seeking indulgent moments with snacks and treats, and they often enjoy these as a ‘reward’ at home.

The findings support the unveiling of Arnott’s latest range, which it describes as an “ultra-indulgent portfolio with a dozen delicious and exquisitely crafted products”.

The range spans sweet and savoury, from Arnott’s Obsession Chocolate Biscuits to Cracker Chips, launched by the brand last year. The wide range meets the diverse tastes of Australian consumers. According to the Arnott’s study:

  • 68% of those surveyed say they consider sweet foods as being the most indulgent kind, with 32 per cent preferring something savoury.
  • Western Australia has the nation’s sweetest tooth, with 70% of WA respondents deeming sweets to be the most indulgent kind of food, while South Australia ranks as the nation’s most savoury-loving state, with 44% opting for a salty snack.
  • Gen Z, millennials and Gen X are all more likely than baby boomers to prefer something sweet (respectively, 68%, 72% and 66% compared with 56%), while baby boomers are more likely to prefer something savoury (44% compared with Gen X at 34%, millennials 28% and Gen Z 32%).

Read more about biscuits and snacking trends in the April issue of Retail World.

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