Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Deloitte Digital appointment

Deloitte Digital has appointed Simon Stacey, Spatial and Brand Experience Director, based in Melbourne, to further develop Deloitte’s customer-experience practice across Australia.

Since Deloitte Digital’s acquisition in August 2015 of customer-experience consultancy Mashup, now known as Spatial and Brand Experience, the team has evolved to enhance Deloitte’s brand and spatial design capabilities.

Mr Stacey brings more than 25 years’ experience in aligning the physical and digital brands around the customer journey, communicating brand strategy and creating customer-brand experiences. He joins Deloitte from his role as creative director at Designworks and has extensive knowledge of the retail sector, having worked with global brands such as Amazon, Christian Louboutin, Dunhill, Harrods and Tesco.

“I’m excited to have the opportunity, as part of Spatial and Brand Experience, to help businesses positively transform their customer experience and answer unmet needs,” he said.

“Digital is a big opportunity in the customer experience, but it’s important to understand where we need digital, why we need digital and how we can bring it into a physical space to improve customer interaction. This is particularly relevant at a time when our retail and leisure spaces are converging.

“Improving service design through aligning brand and physical experiences is not just about the customer, but also about providing retail workers with digital tools to improve the way they interact with customers: creating seamless physical and online transactions, allowing staff to focus on the customer and making their jobs easier.”

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