Thursday, June 20, 2024

Diageo launches $20 million premix marketing campaign

The investment will support its new range of premix drinks, with individual campaigns for Bundaberg Rum Lazy Bear, Smirnoff Pure and Pimm’s Sparkling Cup, which will feature as part of Diageo’s existing ‘Welcome Drink’ campaign with Matt Preston from Masterchef.

Each campaign will use a variety of channels to communicate the product message including out of home, social and digital, as well as point-of-sale and in-store sampling.

Bundaberg Rum Lazy Bear will also have a new television commercial, which will go to air during the upcoming NRL Telstra Football Final Series and will appear on TV and in cinemas throughout summer.

“This is the biggest premix product launch we’ve had in years, which is reflected in the massive marketing campaign we have planned in the lead-up to summer,” Diageo Australia Marketing and Innovation Director Adam Ballesty said.

“The premix category is ripe for growth and we’re excited to be at the forefront of that with these exciting new innovations.”

Diageo’s new premix range is based on deep consumer insights and category planning and represents the biggest investment Diageo has made in premix for more than 10 years.

Diageo Australia Managing Director David Smith says that what Australians are drinking, where, and when is changing.

“Not only are consumers drinking more moderately, they’re also looking for drinks that contain less sugar and less alcohol than premix traditionally does,” he said.

“The occasions in which consumers are drinking are also changing. While people still love a ‘night out’ for special occasions, the majority of alcohol today is consumed in more casual and relaxed occasions such as at home after work, at a friend’s BBQ or in the pub beer garden on a sunny afternoon.

“Our new range of premix has been designed specifically for these occasions and signals a significant shift for the category.”

The new range comprises Smirnoff Pure (the first premix drink from Diageo to combine vodka with natural ingredients and no preservatives or artificial ingredients), Bundaberg Rum Lazy Bear (a mid-strength rum, ginger ale and lime mix containing less than one standard drink per bottle), Pimm’s Sparkling Cup (a mix of lemonade and ginger ale infused with natural fruit flavours), Pimm’s Lemonade & Ginger Ale and Gordon’s Elderflower Spritz.

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