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Different aisles, loads of benefits

I remember the day I learnt that coconut oil could be used in a skin care routine. I was watching a YouTube tutorial and the woman in the video began massaging the oil into her face. I thought, ‘isn’t that the stuff you cook with when you’re attempting to be healthy?’
A few clicks later, I discovered that coconut oil can be used on hair and as a soothing treatment on the skin.

It turns out, there’s a lot of products that serve a dual purpose and can be used for either beauty, skin care or even for the inner health!

“The natural, organic and clean trends which started in the food industry more than 10 years ago have now permeated all aspects of our lives, and they’re here to stay,” The Good Face Project CEO Iva Teixeira said.

 Speaking of the natural ingredients with a multipurpose, Natural beauty expert Belinda Hughes, of Belinda Hughes Skin Clinic in Melbourne said: “Most plant ingredients are multiuse … Kakadu plum is a big one, [then there are] shea butter, aloe vera, plant enzymes, green tea, charcoal, coconut oils and milks.”

 In the July issue of Retail World magazine, I explored which are the current popular ingredients that can be found in both the beauty and the health aisle.

Some of these ingredients included honey, chamomile, sea algae and hemp oil, featuring products from Thursday Plantation, Sukin, Nivea and Marzena.

To find out exactly how these ingredients can be seen in the beauty and the health aisle, head to the latest issue of Retail World magazine.

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