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‘Ditch’ dairy with Califia Farms

World Plant Milk Day took place on Thursday, August 22.

With this in mind, Califia Farms says, “now is the perfect time to ditch the dairy and get on board the plant-based movement”.

“Numerous studies consistently prove that a wholefood, plant-based diet is best for optimum health, and it’s also the single biggest chance we have in the fight against climate change,” Califia Farms CEO Greg Steltenpohl said.

“Plant milks require much less water and land to produce than dairy milk and given there are so many different delicious plant milks to choose from now it really is easy for people to try dairy-free alternatives.

“Even a simple switch such as swapping out dairy from your daily coffee for a plant milk like our new Oat Barista Blend, goes a long way in helping the environment and your health.”

Califia Farms’ range in Australia

According to Califia Farms, its plant milks and flavoured beverages are low in sugar.

The company’s Cold Brew Coffee drinks, for instance, are said to have 70 per cent less sugar than other iced coffees on shelf.

Califia’s new Oat Barista Blend is also claimed to have twice as less sugar as other oat milk brands.

The current Califia Farms product range in Australia includes:

  • Oat Barista Blend (946ml).
  • Almond Barista Blend (946ml).
  • Unsweetened Almond Milk (750ml).
  • Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk (750ml).
  • Chocolate Coconut Almond Blend (750ml).
  • Mocha Cold Brew Coffee (750ml).
  • XX Espresso Cold Brew Coffee (750ml).
  • Mocha Noir Cold Brew Coffee (310ml).

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