Thursday, April 18, 2024

DoorDash introduces double deliveries feature

DoorDash users can now order from double the locations in one delivery for no extra cost.

This is thanks to the launch of DoubleDash, a new feature promoted as the first of its kind in the Australian market. It has been introduced in response to changing consumer behaviour and needs.

Since entering the Australian market in September 2019, DoorDash says it has observed many customers ordering from multiple stores within short time frames. DoubleDash has been created to provide a “convenient and more affordable solution” for customers placing multiple orders.

DoorDash Australia General Manager Rebecca Burrows says the DoubleDash feature demonstrates the shift in consumer preferences across a range of verticals, with Australians looking for more convenient options than ever before.

“The pandemic has resulted in a dramatic move towards on-demand delivery across the country, on far more than just food products,” she says.

“DoubleDash enables Australians to get more from their neighbourhood in a single delivery, whether it’s adding wine from the bottle shop to their pizza delivery or getting local groceries delivered with coffee in the morning.”

DoorDash’s current network of drivers, which is claimed to reach over 80% of Australia’s population, will be utilised for DoubleDash deliveries. Users can select the order in which their chosen items are picked up, to ease concerns of hot food going cold or ice cream melting.

To access DoubleDash, DoorDash users simply need to place an order via the DoorDash app and select the DoubleDash delivery option.

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