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DoorDash unveils 2022 insights

DoorDash Australia has revealed its end of year trend report highlighting the top foods ordered by Australians in 2022.

DoorDash General Manager Australia Rebecca Burrows says the 2022 report data gives DoorDash an in-depth look inside the appetites of Australians and reveals the breadth of delivery items in demand.

“We’ve seen incredible support for local restaurants and these trends and consumer preferences allow us to adapt DoorDash’s offering, giving our customers a more tailored experience via the app in the year to come,” she says.

Among the report findings are:

  • Most indulgent eaters: “Australians enjoy a variety of cuisines and offerings, but when it comes to basics, like fries, burgers, chicken wings pizza and tacos, Goulburn in NSW is the most indulgent eater.”
  • Healthiest eaters: “Victorians are the healthiest eaters in Australia, ordering the most salads, bowls and non-fast-food options from DoorDash in 2022.”
  • Shortest delivery distance order: “The shortest distance for a delivery order in Australia in 2022 was a mere 150m away.”
  • Biggest spenders: “The most expensive order in Australia this year was 103 [pieces of] fried chicken from SOL BBQ Parramatta, [NSW] which cost $4700, followed by 30 bottles of vodka, tequila and whisky, costing $2300.”
  • Most romantic: “Victorians were the most romantic in 2022, ordering the most flowers in Australia via DoorDash, with flower deliveries being up by almost 900% on Valentine’s Day compared to the previous three months.”
  • Coffee addicts: “Victoria, Sydney and Queensland top the list of the most ordered coffees in 2022.”
  • Winter warmers: “On the coldest day of the year in 2022, Australians were wishing away the winter with a sweet and comforting dish, with one in five orders having a dessert added to the order as an extra.”

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