Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Edenvale unveils Spanish wine range

Edenvale Beverages has launched its Expedition Series as part of ambitions to expand the Australian and international market of non-alcoholic wines and make drinking in moderation more desirable and accessible.

The market-leading wine brand has introduced a Spanish alcohol-removed wine range that includes a full-bodied and complex red, a fresh white, and a crisp sparkling.

Edenvale Director Michael Bright says the range reflects “a distinctive Spanish flair” that denotes the expedition concept: to explore unique varieties and hidden gems from around the globe.

“Delivering high quality products in our new Expedition Series range was essential, and as we had existing relationships with wineries in the region and a range of exciting varieties to work with, Spain was a logical choice for us,” he says.

“Although the range has been produced largely for the European market, we couldn’t resist showcasing these exceptional wines here in Australia too.”

The expansion allows the brand to significantly scale up manufacturing at increased speed and opens production opportunities for other emblematic varieties from world-class regions, including France and Italy.

The Spanish Expedition series includes a Tempranillo Cabernet Sauvignon (RRP $16.99), Verdejo Sauvignon Blanc (RRP $16.99) and Sparkling Cuvee (RRP $17.99).

The premium alcohol-removed wine is produced to a normal alcoholic strength before it is then de-alcoholised to less than 0.5% alcohol by volume.

Edenvale has launched the premium new range in striking packs with beautiful Picasso-inspired illustrations and colouring, reflecting a distinctive Spanish flair that denotes the expedition concept.

Edenvale’s Spanish Expedition series is available online at

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