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Elevating your shopping experience: Ritchies Towerhill grand opening

Ritchies Towerhill is a brand-new supermarket and liquor store in Frankston, Victoria, redefining the grocery shopping experience.

The anticipation surrounding this grand opening was palpable, and for good reason. Ritchies Towerhill store, one of the company’s oldest stores still trading, was demolished near a year ago to make way for what can only be described as more than “just another grocery store”. “It’s a destination that promises to elevate the shopping experience to new heights.” Based on Ritchies highly successful ‘Fine Food & Wine’ model, Ritchies Towerhill is a game-changer.

Unrivalled freshness

At the heart of all Ritchies stores is a commitment to freshness, and the Towerhill store is no exception. “Whether you’re a connoisseur of fine cheeses from around the world, a sushi lover in search of the perfect roll, or a steak enthusiast who values the art of dry-aged meats, this place has you covered,” Ritchies Stores CEO Fred Harrison said. “The array of fresh departments is nothing short of impressive, and it’s sure to make your culinary adventures all the more exciting.”

Market fresh produce

Upon entering the store, you’re welcomed by an amazing assortment of market fresh produce. Offering a 200% guarantee on all of its fresh produce, Ritchies stands behind its commitment to offering the highest quality fresh produce available.

A slice of heaven for cheese lovers

The cheese department at Ritchies Towerhill is “a cheese lover’s dream come true.” It features a diverse selection of cheeses carefully curated for your enjoyment. “From creamy Brie to sharp cheddar and everything in between, you can elevate your cheese platters, sandwiches, and appetisers with these exquisite offerings.”

Sushi spectacle

Sushi lovers, rejoice. The dedicated sushi bar at Ritchies Towerhill is the new go-to spot. Customers can savour the delectable flavours and textures of expertly prepared sushi rolls made fresh in-store daily. “It’s perfect for a quick lunch, a snack on the go, or a delightful dinner option.”

Premium cuts of dry-aged meat

If you appreciate the finer things in life, the meat department at Ritchies Towerhill is “a must-visit.” It’s home to a selection of premium dry-aged meats that are “guaranteed to impress even the most discerning palates.” The art of dry aging enhances the flavour and tenderness of the meat, ensuring “an exceptional dining experience”.

Deli delights

The deli department offers a carefully chosen assortment of international and locally sourced delicacies. From gourmet olives to premium meats, customers will find a range of options to elevate charcuterie boards, salads, and sandwiches. These selections add a gourmet touch to everyday meals.

Artisanal bakery

The bakery at Ritchies Towerhill is a haven for those with a sweet tooth or a craving for freshly baked bread. Shoppers can enjoy a wide variety of artisanal bread, pastries, and desserts. From crusty baguettes to decadent cakes, every item has been handpicked by the bakery team.

A world of spirits and more

Ritchies Towerhill is not just a supermarket, it’s also a fully stocked liquor store. “Whether you’re a wine enthusiast, whiskey connoisseur, or craft beer lover, you’ll find an impressive array of options from around the world including limited releases from the world’s leading spirits producers,” Mr Harrison said.

Prior to the re-launch, Ritchies Towerhill’s liquor team made a name for themselves in the craft beer circle. The knowledgeable staff earned a name for themselves as “the go-to” destination to help shoppers make the perfect selection.

“The opening of Ritchies Towerhill is more than just another retail event, it’s a milestone in Ritchies quest for premium shopping experiences,” Mr Harrison said. “If the turn out opening day was anything to go by, it would seem Ritchies have hit the mark perfectly.

“With a crowd building outside more akin to an Apple product launch, Ritchies Stores thanks the team and hands over the ribbon cutting duties to Jennifer, Janine and Karen Taranto, daughters of original landlords, Dr Bob and Pam Taranto,” he said.

Ribbon cut and the store officially open, locals pour into the store and continue to do so all day marking this one of Ritchies “best ever” store openings.

“If you’re ever on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula make sure to drop by and explore the newest shopping destination in Frankston (Towerhill) and be among the first to experience the extraordinary fresh departments and unbeatable variety at Ritchies Towerhill,” Mr Harrison said.

“Ritchies Towerhill isn’t just another supermarket; it’s a promise of an elevated shopping experience. Don’t miss out.”

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